Spate of Building Collapses and the Insurance Industry

By Funmi Babington Ashaye

Contractors and all persons engaged in building activities must comply with safety standards required in construction sites set by regulators of the industry. A "Person" according to the LSURPDA Act 2010 means "an applicant for or holder of development permits under this Law and includes for the avoidance of doubt, an owner, his servant or agent, consultants, an independent contractor or a builder or a corporate or an unincorporated body registered under the relevant Acts." In other words, all stakeholders in the building sector are required to comply with these standards.

Irrespective of the fact that these safety standards are perceived as very high by a school of thought, they should, in the public interest, be treated as minimum requirements. For instance, besides screening the site away from passers-by, the employees and all who visit the sites are required to wear protective helmets, boots and nose protectors.

The latter is particularly important for employees who work in the cement silos where they inhale a lot of cement particles, which are known to cause asthma, and other breath-related diseases.