Disgraced Bell Pottinger collapses into administration amid dramatic implosion

JOHANNESBURG — It’s the end of the road for controversial UK PR firm Bell Pottinger as it officially entered administration today, just days after the PRCA booted it from its association for unethical behaviour. The storm around the propaganda campaign it carried out for the Zuptas has resulted in one of the most dramatic business closures of our time. The company bled client losses while its debts piled up. A nasty tax bill has also been the sting in the tail.

Many South Africans will be glad to see the back of Bell Pottinger whose arrogance and sheer unethical behaviour around representing Oakbay Capital made the company a swear word in the country. The question now is who else will follow suit as the world becomes smaller for the Guptas.

Many other bigger companies such as SAP, McKinsey and KPMG have found themselves entangled in the Gupta web – will more companies fall? – Gareth van Zyl

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