Stand with me - Commuting in Johannesburg


Zizi Ndevu shares her experiences as a commuter using the Noord Street taxi rank. She concludes with a call to action!

I wake up every morning at 05:00 to make sure I’m at work on time. I get into a taxi to town at 6:15 or so to make sure that I don’t find a long queue that spirals around Wanders.

Even though I wake up just to get into a taxi with broken seats, walk the scariest two minutes from Noord to Wanders for the fear of being shot or mugged, only to arrive at my final destination at 8:30 this is not what annoys me.

In fact I’ve developed a system.

I walk on the street because the pavement is too full and more dangerous, I place my phone at the bottom of my bag, making it harder to grab, and I put the meanest game face on to show the men who call me demeaning names that I’m not afraid.

Regardless of the fear that I face in those two minutes every morning, the above is not what annoys me.

Thousands of South Africans make their way to work and school each morning, some who travel farther than me.

They wake up hoping and praying for a better life, regardless of what they face at home, they wake up each morning believing that there’s better.

Oh but Noord… It’s the dirtiest, gem infested place I have ever seen. The City is dirtier than what it was last year, there are hopeless homeless people every where, and the smell is unbearable!!!

Stand with me as I attack the City of Joburg about this issue. You might have never been in a taxi or even town, but every South African deserves to live in a place that is clean, a place that motivates them to push.

The idea of being stuck in a place that smells like a large long drop is unacceptable.

I know there are problems with the people of Joburg, but a society is as good as it’s leader. We can’t have leaders who are so high and mighty that the people they serve can’t reach them, ask questions and demand answers.

So stand with me, ask the questions that others are too tired to ask. Demand answers to problems that can be addressed. Make noise about the things that need to change. Stand with me!

If you agree like it, share it, comment on it, let’s come up with solutions to make this City better.

Zizipho Ndevu is a Joburg commuter. She wants to inspire, and be inspired; to do better, and be better.

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