Congo: Fish scarcity drives prices up

1 week ago

*Women, wives, mothers who struggle to earn a living, despite the economic crisis in the Republic of Congo. *

They are increasingly recruited in the informal sector, the women heading SMEs and SMIs.

Women fish vendors in Pointe-Noire, the Republic of Congo are unfortunately facing an increased shortage of their products in a country already hit by an economic crisis.


The female unemployment rate remains high

1 week ago

Men and women do not share the same employment context. Women represent less than 50% of the global working population according to the International Labour Organization.

Men and women do not share the same employment context. Less than half of the global women population are under employment especially in Africa, a population estimated at 49.6% according to the 2017 UN report on the “Revised World Population Prospects”.

Morocco: anti-cancer drug factory

But more and more women are standing out. Creating jobs and heading different companies. It’s the case of Lamia Tazi, known for contributing in the fight against cancer.

A few days ago, Morocco launched a few days ago, the very first anti-cancer treatment factory in Africa. Sothema launched ‘‘Ypeva and Zelva’‘, the first two Moroccan treatments to treat the most common cancers in the kingdom and on the continent.

The Sothema Laboratories, which will generate about a hundred jobs, are headed by Lamia TAZI.

She speaks to Africanews journalist Armelle Nga, in this special edition of Business Africa celebrating the International Women’s Day.


Celebrating Int'l Women's Day: Spotlight on Bolloré's port manager

1 week ago

Gloria Bouesso is full of energy as she begins her working day in the port area of Pointe Noire, the commercial city of the Republic of Congo. The 30 year old is the only female of 144 men aged between 26 and 58 years.

Bouesso’s role is to guide and give directions to drivers of these fleet of heavy trucks.

‘‘Let me personally give thanks to God. My work professionally begins at around 6:30 am. At this time, I require all my collaborators, particularly chief drivers to take stock of the different trucks, what we have in the park as you can see. We have a mandate to provide most trucks for urban delivery and for port deliveries’‘, she told Africanews’ Journalist, Ruth Lago.

In this port area, Gloria Bouesso is a key player, from delivery and logistics to handling, she has gained knowledge in this sector. Her professional career, and especially her achievements as a management controller, have succeeded in elevating her to the position of delivery manager.

‘‘I think he finds me credible because given my background, they are all aware that I was first an operational management controller. Here, I take control of charges in this port. In reality my experience at Bolloré since 2013 has paid off’‘, she said.

As the only woman and in charge of her department, Gloria Bouesso opted for participatory management. It’s a method employed to put everyone in line of their duties. Here, she commands respect and admiration.

‘’ She is very hard-working, very vigilant and very demanding with regard to work. She likes a good work done. And also, we listen to her advice and we will support her so that she becomes successful more than the one she preceded’‘, her male colleague said.

By successfully completing each of the stages in this industry often considered as a preserve of men, the 30-year-old has come to establish herself as an asset for company. Bouesso is again another proof that climbing the ladder in her field of activity is a question of ability and not about gender.

‘‘Today, it turns out that Bouesso has proven herself in our department. At first in the management control function, she has made it possible to straighten several things. It has given a little female touch in this world of men’‘, said Sebastien Maraite Director of Operations at Bolloré.

Today, Bouesso is taking on new challenges and is beyond confident of her determination to break the ceiling.

1 week ago
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