Zimbabwe says Western hostility is deterring investors

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Zimbabwe says Western hostility towards the country is deterring investment, in sharp contrast with efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to woo Western governments.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba told Reuters in email response to questions about investor concerns over elections that of concern to investors, is the continued hostility of the West, especially the United States.

Charamba said delays caused by the opposition’s court challenge to Mnangagwa’s election victory were also putting off investors.

Economists say for the southern African nation to revive its struggling economy, it needs to clear its arrears with Western donors and agree a financing programme with the International Monetary Fund .

But Charamba said Western states were preventing that. He said despite these attempts, Zimbabwe has good relations with Southern African governments and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) states.

Mnangagwa’s victory is being challenged in Zimbabwe’s constitutional court this week by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa says the electoral commission rigged the vote. The commission has defended its independence.



Usain Bolt ready 'to prove people wrong' in soccer mission

3 hours 27 minutes ago

Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt says he was ready to prove his doubters wrong by winning a professional football contract.

Bolt eased into his first training session with Australia’s Central Coast Mariners on Tuesday.

“For me, I’m not setting myself any targets to say ‘alright, this is what I’m gonna do’. I’m just gonna put in the work, you know what I mean. This is my first chance playing, getting a chance to train and to get to a level to play as a professional footballer, so I don’t know what to expect. So I’m just here to push myself, learn as much as possible. I told the coach from the start, ‘listen I’m here with a blank slate, no matter what I have learned, no matter what I’ve seen on TV’. For me it’s a blank slate, I’m here to learn and to get better, and that’s my focus”, Bolt said.

The eight-times Olympic gold medallist has been given an open-ended trial with the Mariners, who finished bottom of the 10-team A-league last season.

There is plenty of doubt as to whether the fastest man on earth can reinvent himself as a top-flight footballer. His Coach Mike Mulvey rejected the view that Bolt’s trial was a gimmick and could prove a distraction to his squad


South Africa: public hearing on land expropriation without compensation begins

3 hours 35 minutes ago

The Constitutional Committee of Parliament in South Africa is touring the country to solicit views of the people on whether the constitution should be amended to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

For majority of black South Africans, it is time for them to reclaim their land .

“Should we get our land back? The answer is yes. And we are the people directly, not the government. If you say you are giving land to the people, I am the people and I should receive land, not a 25 year lease. What the constitutional amendment says is that if the land returns to the government now, in 25 years the land will no longer belong to me, we will have to discuss again whether I can stay or whether I should leave” , said Prudence Mlangane

“It is time for you (the parliamentary committee) to realize where the wrong lies. He’s political, it has nothing to do with anything else, said retired farmer, Mike Shapiro.

White people still own 71% of private farmland and 49% of urban land in South Africa.

One year before the 2019 legislative elections, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) is reeling under pressure to support land expropriation without compensation in order to accelerate land redistribution to black South Africans.


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