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19.07.2017 Africa Merkel’s proposal to transfer weapons as aid needs to be approached with caution 0.3 +77
17.07.2017 Sudan Tragedy in the Nuba Mountains: hunger and starvation are constants 0.3 +102
09.07.2017 Africa What lies behind the rise of Christian universities in Africa 0.0 +72
04.07.2017 Africa How a lack of access to reliable weather data is hurting African farmers 0.2 +92
03.07.2017 Somalia Somali pirates are back. Only a strong state can put an end to their activities 0.0 +96
28.06.2017 Kenya Kenya needs to protect elderly people during drought and famine emergencies 0.4 +115
28.06.2017 International The challenge of financing sustainable urbanization is not only unresolved but largely ignored! 0.0 +152
27.06.2017 International China tops US and UK as destination for anglophone African students 0.1 +57
29.05.2017 Kenya Here's how to prevent another anthrax outbreak in Kenya 0.4 +406
28.05.2017 Africa Where Africa fits into China's massive Belt and Road Initiative 0.1 +185
23.05.2017 Africa The pros and cons of commercial farming models in Africa 0.1 +162
17.05.2017 International America's snub of the African Union should spur regional powers into action 0.0 +217
17.04.2017 Ethiopia Ethiopia needs a multi-party democracy to end the crushing impact of corruption 0.1 +184
06.03.2017 Africa African governments versus social media: Why the uneasy relationship? 0.0 +233
27.02.2017 Africa Lessons from Africa prove the incredible value of mother tongue learning 0.1 +161