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23.01.2018 South Africa Why shaking up South Africa's power utility matters for the economy 0.62 10 min 7 sec
22.01.2018 South Africa Stability in southern Africa hinges on how leaders gain and lose power 0.53 11 min 22 sec
18.01.2018 Tunisia Why Tunisians are back on the streets seven years after the Jasmine Revolution 0.32 11 min 1 sec
16.01.2018 South Africa Ramaphosa should end the presidential merry-go-round in South Africa 0.1 3 hours 14 min
10.01.2018 South Africa South Africans are trying to decode Ramaphosa (and getting it wrong) 0.1 3 hours 14 min
09.01.2018 Ethiopia A strong opposition is the only solution to dislodging Ethiopia's ruling coalition 0.0 1 day 16 hours
04.01.2018 Africa What needs to be done to make Africa politically stable 0.2 3 hours 49 min
04.01.2018 South Africa To lead South Africa, Ramaphosa must balance populism and pragmatism 0.3 3 hours 14 min
20.12.2017 South Africa Who is Cyril Ramaphosa? A profile of the new leader of South Africa's ANC 0.2 3 hours 20 min
19.12.2017 South Africa Why Ramaphosa won't be able to deliver the three urgent fixes South Africa needs 0.4 3 hours 21 min
18.12.2017 South Africa The ANC has a new leader: but South Africa remains on a political precipice 0.3 2 min 2 sec
12.12.2017 South Africa Cape Town's water crisis: driven by politics more than drought 0.1 3 hours 21 min
11.12.2017 Africa A year of illusions: five things we learnt about democracy in Africa in 2017 0.4 3 hours 14 min
10.12.2017 South Africa Why talk of unity in South Africa's ANC is disingenuous, and dangerous 0.24 3 hours 20 min
07.12.2017 South Africa South Africa's communist party strips the ANC of its multi-class ruling party status 0.2 3 hours 20 min