Political Issues

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27.06.2017 South Africa ANC take heed: even big brands die if they abandon their founding values 0.2 +27
25.06.2017 South Africa South Africa's Jacob Zuma is fast running out of political lives 0.17 +19
25.06.2017 Kenya How Kenya could move away from the politics of ethnicity 0.25 +27
22.06.2017 Congo - DRC From Mobutu to Kabila, the DRC is paying a heavy price for autocrats at its helm 0.14 +24
22.06.2017 South Africa A public protector's job is to make sure people stick to the law - not to change it 0.12 +21
21.06.2017 Congo - DRC The DRC can learn from Lumumba as its internal crisis deepens 0.2 +71
18.06.2017 Zambia Zambia slides towards authoritarianism as IMF props up government 0.0 +74
09.06.2017 South Africa The battle for control of South Africa's state isn't just about personalities 0.0 +158
08.06.2017 Kenya Four ways the Kenyan elections could be rigged – and how to stop it 0.0 +110
31.05.2017 South Africa How ANC presidential elections trump South Africa's constitution 0.1 +139
29.05.2017 South Africa Gestalt applauds envisaged construction sector BEE codes 0.2 +113
18.05.2017 South Africa South African government's plan to transform the property sector 0.2 +552
13.05.2017 Zambia We need to talk about Zambia as it falls from grace under President Lungu 0.1 +220
08.05.2017 Kenya Explainer: what's behind the high stakes in Kenya's presidential elections 0.1 +462
07.05.2017 South Africa Zuma's attack on capital is digging South Africa into a deeper hole 0.1 +367