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12.07.2017 Africa Africa’s tropical forests could be next in line as global food demand grows 0.3 +90
10.07.2017 South Africa South Africa should sort out the bad from the really bad on its invasive species list 0.2 +68
09.07.2017 Africa Why the future of Africa's forests and savannas are under threat 0.1 +82
28.06.2017 Zimbabwe How badly implemented land reform can affect wildlife: a Zimbabwean case study 0.3 +74
22.06.2017 South Africa Invasive species have a massive impact, but wise policy can keep them out 0.2 +57
19.06.2017 South Africa #YouthMonth: Architecture is an extension of the natural environment 0.3 +122
18.06.2017 Africa Africa's got plans for a Great Green Wall: why the idea needs a rethink 0.6 +167
13.06.2017 Africa Deforestation and malaria: what's the relationship between the two? 0.3 +147
06.06.2017 South Africa Tackling environmental challenges with the help of a 100 city network 0.1 +168
28.05.2017 Rwanda Why exploring for oil under Lake Kivu carries unique and huge risks 0.4 +167
23.05.2017 South Africa Wave of rhino killings points to shifting poaching patterns in South Africa 0.0 +161
27.04.2017 Africa The fate of Africa's Lake Tanganyika lies in the balance 0.2 +345
07.03.2017 South Africa Plastic fibres are causing major harm to South Africa's marine life 0.1 +259
20.02.2017 International The 20th century saw a 23-fold increase in natural resources used for building 0.0 +177
13.02.2017 Tanzania Finding ways to double tilapia production in Tanzania without doing damage 0.0 +171