Regular users of the Architect Africa platform will notice considerable changes in the site's format. The original interface, now located in a public access intranet, can be located here or through the Main Menu, under Toolbox > Aggregators > Africa News Aggregator.

The new, mobile first, interface is composed of five distinct sections;

  1. Home Page Broadcast Screen : Static imagery, slideshows, video and live broadcasts.
  2. Architect Africa Journal : Articles, Opinion Pieces and Press Releases of importance to architects in Africa. Written by and/or for architects in Africa.
  3. Informatica News Streams : Keep up to date with all news that impact on the broader practice of architecture in Africa. Generated by Architect Africa's Intelligent News Engine and moderated by an editorial board of African architects.
  4. Subscribe to News Alerts by Topic and have the news that interest you delivered to your Inbox. Powered by Google Feedburner; safe and secure.
  5. Architect's Information Toolbox : Access the Architect Africa Informatica research functions. (Desktops - Not mobile friendly.)