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Updated: 2 hours 37 min ago

Russia successfully tests anti-ballistic missile (VIDEO)

4 hours 11 min ago

Preview The Russian Air Force has successfully tested an upgraded version of its missile defense system, firing off a modernized anti-ballistic missile from a testing facility in Kazakhstan. The test was caught on film.

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Ukraine, Belarus expel diplomats following espionage claims

4 hours 12 min ago

Ukraine fired its deputy-head of foreign intelligence and expelled a Belarussian diplomat a day after the government of Belarus claimed that it busted a Ukrainian spy ring that recruited local agents.

Black Dolphin: RT gets inside Russia’s most fearsome supermax no one’s ever escaped from

5 hours 24 min ago

Preview Commonly known as the ‘Black Dolphin,’ Penal Colony No 6 holds Russia’s worst murderers, terrorists and cannibals. RT offers a rare glimpse inside the maximum security prison, where inmates are subjected to rigid rules devised to subdue even the most dangerous villains.
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UK warns East Europe against ‘hostile Russia,’ plans to spend £100mn to tackle ‘disinformation’

6 hours 29 min ago

Preview The UK plans to spend £100 million over five years to counter what it calls a Russian “disinformation” campaign, Downing Street has said, releasing key points of PM Theresa May’s Eastern Partnership summit speech where she plans to fully outline her anti-Russia strategy.
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Americans buying & selling employee uniforms in new craze to beat crowds on Black Friday

9 hours 4 min ago

Preview The insanity for Black Friday bargains has reached new heights in the US, after one joke suggestion to sell a Walmart uniform to anyone seeking to skip ahead of the lines went viral and spawned dozens of similar but seemingly real offers.
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American F-22 & F-35 stealth jets to join massive air drills on Korean peninsula next month

9 hours 56 min ago

Preview Six F-22 Raptor and four F-35A Lightning American stealth jets will reportedly join regional ally South Korea in the largest flying exercise on the Korean peninsula next month, amid heightened tensions surrounding N. Korea’s nuclear and ballistic programs.
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Polish hostel bans entry to all ‘Jews, communists and traitors’

10 hours 19 min ago

Preview A hostel in southwestern Poland has stirred controversy and drawn condemnation after social media users called attention to a huge banner, reportedly hanging outside the establishment for several months, which bars entry to all “Jews, communists, thieves and traitors.”
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Charming Swiss Alps village offers €60,000 in cash to families willing to resettle there

10 hours 50 min ago

Preview A tiny village in the Swiss Alps has proposed an innovative financial scheme to attract young families to its idyllic location. To revive the commune, the municipality is offering a family of four up to €60,000 to settle there.
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Iceland drafts emergency evacuation plans as volcano rumbles after centuries of inactivity

11 hours 50 min ago

Preview A long-dormant volcano has begun to show signs of activity in Iceland, with authorities fine-tuning evacuation plans in the event it becomes one of the largest eruptions in the country’s history.
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Wrongfully convicted California man pardoned after 39 years behind bars

12 hours 19 min ago

Preview A 70-year-old man who spent almost 40 years of his life in prison for murders he didn’t commit has been pardoned by Governor Jerry Brown.
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£1bn Royal Navy destroyer aborts Gulf mission after breakdown

12 hours 32 min ago

Preview One of the most advanced Royal Navy warships, which cost around £1 billion, had to abort its mission in the Persian Gulf and return to the UK. This leaves the country without a seaworthy destroyer as five other vessels are already undergoing maintenance.
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GoFundMe shuts down bid to crowdfund Charles Manson’s funeral

23 November, 2017 - 23:41

Preview Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has removed a page seeking to raise funds to cover the funeral expenses of the late cult leader Charles Manson.
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Hollywood on the Brink: Sex Scandals, Lies, Money & Fear

23 November, 2017 - 23:32

There’s certainly no love lost here for shamed film producer Harvey Weinstein or his ilk, and there’s zero excuses for his behavior towards women, colleagues, staff and talent.  The recent spate of scandals coming out of Hollywood involving the past sexual assaults and offenses of both high and low-profile executives and creative talent are odd only in the sense of their volume, timing and seemingly coordinated effort.  Yet *where* was the weight of such a coordinated national effort – which apparently involves the mainstream media, law enforcement and even government – in years or decades past?  Why now?  Is it because these violators have been behaving badly at an unprecedented rate and the knowing public can’t take it anymore?  Or could it be because there are subtler political and economic reasons involving Hollywood’s abominable economic performance as of late, which presumably needs punishing by the ruling corporate Elite Establishment?  An Establishment which could veritably be indirectly exploiting populist causes – namely, women’s and children’s rights – to send firm messages to an industry to ‘up its numbers’?

In this latest episode of Money and Fear, we’ll look at the public lambasting of the Harveys of the world against Hollywood’s recent and near-historical box office angst, as well as the further digital challenges to film studio business models in general.  Tune in, and as Public Enemy proclaimed, “Don’t Believe the Hype” …

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Show Notes

US box office suffers worst weekend in 16 years as Hollywood's bleak summer continues

Even superheroes may not be able to save Hollywood’s desperate summer

Time to Panic: Inside the Movie Business’ Summer of Hell

What Caused Hollywood's Summer From Hell? The blame for the industry’s horrendous last few months lies with a decades-long shift in the economics of making movies

Summer Box Office Officially Worst in Over a Decade

Hollywood Is About to Post Its Worst Summer Box Office in Recent Memory

This is Hollywood’s worst summer at the box office in more than a decade

Harvey Weinstein Leaves His Company With A Mixed Box Office Legacy

Summer Box Office Suffers Historic Decline in U.S.

A Fox & Disney Merger Could Mean Bad Things For Netflix

Top Exhibitor AMC Reports Q3 Weakness Amid Studio Merger Talk

As China cools on Hollywood, the movie business looks closer to home for money

21st Century Fox Has Held Merger Talks With Disney—Reports

Media Business Binge-Watches Mega-Merger Drama, Wondering What’s Next

FCC Ends Rule Requiring Broadcasters to Have a Local Studio

Jeff Sessions ducks questions about White House influence on AT&T-Time Warner merger

What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work

Discretionary spending to be hit hardest as households cut their spending - There are concerns about just how hard discretionary spending will be hit if there is a dip in the property market

Consumer spending growth slows as rising inflation hits Americans' purchasing power

‘Wolf Warrior II’s’ Massive Success Forces Studios to Rethink China Approach


Adventures In the Screen Trade by William Goldman

The CIA In Hollywood:  How the Agency Shapes Film and Television by Tricia Jenkins

Spooked:  How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood by Nicholas Schou

The Debt Trap:  How leverage affects private equity performance by Sebastien Canderle

Private Equity at Work:  When Wall Street Manages Main Street by Appelbaum and Batt

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

YouTube cracks down on disturbing content featuring children after backlash

23 November, 2017 - 23:32

Preview Video hosting giant YouTube has begun clamping down on content showing children in vulnerable situations as well as disturbing material aimed at children. The move followed a wave of criticism against the video streaming service.
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Israel ‘covertly’ cooperates with Arab states, Netanyahu says

23 November, 2017 - 23:12

Preview Israel is covertly cooperating with some Arab nations, the Israeli PM has revealed, expressing hope that this practice will expand. Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelation comes after IDF chief of staff said recently that Tel Aviv is ready to share intelligence on Iran with Saudi Arabia.
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Catholic Church ‘is failing to train priests in exorcism’ – Irish priest

23 November, 2017 - 22:28

Preview An Irish priest has criticized the Catholic Church for what he sees as its failure to train priests in the practice of combating demonic possession.

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David Cameron may have ‘done some sort of deal’ with Rupert Murdoch – Ken Clarke

23 November, 2017 - 22:20

Preview Former Prime Minister David Cameron may have “done some sort of deal” with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch before the 2010 general election, according to former Tory justice secretary Ken Clarke. “Suddenly we got the Murdoch empire back on our side.”
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US policies behind partition of Sudan & current Middle East problems – president

23 November, 2017 - 22:07

Preview Sudan is against US meddling in the affairs of Arab states, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has said during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Sochi Thursday. He also said Washington’s policies are responsible for the partitioning of his country.
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