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Updated: 20 min 49 sec ago

Deal reached for Syrian army to enter Afrin, claims Kurdish official

1 hour 57 min ago

Preview A deal between Damascus and Syrian Kurds fighting off an ongoing Turkish offensive on Afrin is reportedly on the cards again. An adviser to the Kurdish administration told Reuters Syrian troops might be at the border in two days.
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Sweden grants citizenship to man accused by Iran of being Mossad spy

2 hours 17 min ago

The government of Sweden has granted citizenship to an academic who is on death row in Iran for allegedly helping Israel kill Iranian nuclear scientists.

Olympic spirit: Ukrainian & Russian athletes embrace on Olympic podium

3 hours 55 min ago

Preview Putting politicians to shame, Olympic skiers from Ukraine and Russia put political squabbles to rest in a brief show of sportsmanship. Not only did they share the pedestal after winning medals, but also an embraced each other.
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Russian opposition underrepresented & fractured – former MP & opposition leader

4 hours 37 min ago

Preview Russia’s political opposition has difficulties with overcoming its own internal differences, Dmitry Gudkov, a former Russian MP and an opposition politician himself, said. Unity is what the opposition needs to succeed, he added.
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Children’s crusade: Teen survivors of Florida shooting plan anti-gun march on DC

4 hours 46 min ago

Preview Students who survived the shooting rampage at Stoneman Douglas High School are urging children and parents to join them in a massive new protest. They will march on Washington, DC, to call for more gun control.
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Cock up: Malaysian govt mocked for printing barking rooster in Year of the Dog ad

5 hours 25 min ago

Preview The Malaysian government was forced to apologize after putting a barking rooster in a newspaper ad celebrating the Chinese New Year. Many are interpreting the ad as an effort not to offend Muslims.
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CCTV captures the moment shooter opens fire on Russian churchgoers (DISTURBING VIDEO)

8 hours 13 min ago

Preview CCTV footage from the site of the deadly shooting at a Christian church in southern Russia, which claimed the lives of five people, shows a man armed with a rifle gunning down two women in broad daylight.
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‘Hero’ helps capture escaped killer & rapist who battered woman in graveyard

18 February, 2018 - 23:35

Preview An escaped prisoner, who is serving a life sentence for raping and killing a woman, is back behind bars thanks to the intervention of an “eagle-eyed” member of the public.
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German teen ‘ISIS bride’ sentenced to 6 years in jail - reports

18 February, 2018 - 23:28

Preview An Iraqi court has sentenced German teenager Linda Wenzel, dubbed a “jihadi bride”, to six years in prison for her affiliation with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), German media has reported.
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Traditional tweetstorm after Trump says 'Moscow is laughing' at squabbling Americans

18 February, 2018 - 22:49

Preview US President Donald Trump’s recent tweets about perceived Russian collusion did not go over well with a number of netizens, who did not pull any punches when giving their take on the issue.
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‘Absurd’: GOP governor slams Trump over linking FBI ‘inaction’ in Florida massacre to Russia probe

18 February, 2018 - 22:02

Preview US President Donald Trump’s criticism of the FBI in the wake of the Florida school massacre apparently did not sit well with some US officials. Ohio Governor John Kasich called the president’s remarks “absurd.”

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Switzerland embraces bitcoin & cryptocurrencies amid global crackdown

18 February, 2018 - 20:53

Preview While financial regulators across the world are cracking down on bitcoin, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has decided to encourage digital currencies by issuing guidelines on initial coin offerings (ICOs).
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Polish central bank secretly funds Youtube videos attacking bitcoin - report

18 February, 2018 - 20:40

Preview Poland’s central bank has admitted to paying for social media campaigns that attacked cryptocurrencies, according to a popular Polish business news website.
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Swastikas painted on Polish embassy in Israel after PM’s ‘Jewish Holocaust perpetrators’ remarks

18 February, 2018 - 20:34

Preview Swastikas were painted on the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv a day after Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, said there were Jewish perpetrators in the Holocaust, outraging the Israeli public and officials.
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Interested In Muscle? Eat Whole Eggs Rather Than Egg Whites

18 February, 2018 - 19:27

By Natasha Longo Egg yolks contain over 80 percent of the overall vitamins and minerals that can be found within the egg as a whole. The yolk also contains enzymes which help the body absorb the...