United Nations steps in to help North West Province

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The new NW premier met a UN coordinator following the decision by the government to place the province under administration.

The United Nations (UN) plans to step in to help North West recover from issues it has been experiencing.

A technical team from the UN is expected in the province next Monday to discuss ways to assist with response to those issues.

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Premier Mokgoro meets with UN agencies in South Africa on areas of co-operation
11 Jul 2018

North West Premier Tebogo Mokgoro met with the United Nations Resident Co-ordinator in South Africa, Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas in Pretoria today to discuss ways in which the United Nations and its agencies in the country can assist the North West Province in responding to the challenges the province is facing, this following placement of the provincial departments under Sections 100 (1)(a) and 100 (1)(b) respectively.

Amongst the commitments that came out of the meeting was interventions around all areas identified as having led to the national intervention in all provincial government departments, including the Office of the Premier.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has therefore committed expertise from all UN agencies in South Africa to participate in the process of ensuring that the Section 100 (1) interventions lead to a sound and sustainable provincial administration, before the end of the 5th administration’s term next year.

Both the North West government and the UNDP have agreed on a Marshall Plan approach towards the recovery of the provincial administration as informed by the national intervention in the following areas;

Health – including the provision of quality health services and the provision of medical supplies
Social Services

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How South Africa should view foreign policy in a changing world order

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Lindiwe Sisulu, South Africa's minister of international relations, is reviewing the country's foreign policy. Dirco

One of the first initiatives of South Africa’s new minister of international relations, Lindiwe Sisulu, was to announce a review of the country’s foreign policy. This was a wise move in the wake of the nine years of erosion of national purpose and institutional damage under former president Jacob Zuma.

The country emerged from Zuma’s presidency greatly reduced in international stature, with perhaps the only concrete gains being its membership of the BRICS bloc and its second term on the UN Security Council in 2011/12. (South Africa has just been elected to a third term, to be served during 2019/20.)

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