Architect Africa Online has a long standing relationship with architects in Africa dating back more than two decades and has gathered a dedicated and attentive audience among some of Africa's finest. We currently receive around 2,000 visitors per day.

Our visitor traffic is closely associated to the activity of the South African built environment industries and professions which have been in recession for some years. Our stats reflect that trend, with 2018's stats being the lowest since 2012 - and showing no signs of improvement.

Our current research and stats analysis shows that about 15,000 South African visitors use the site on a regular basis. Most are architects or architectural professionals. This group of users is Architect Africa's target audience. (It has shrunk from an estimated 30,000 users in 2010!)

If you have media content (text or video) which you would like to disseminate to this group through Architect Africa you have the following options;

  1. AA Journal : for professional opinion - strictly for qualified architects, mostly by invitation.
  2. AA Magazine : for news, information, views, announcements and media releases pertaining to the African built environment industries and professions.
  3. AA News: for websites that generate RSS feeds of interest to architects in Africa.

Simply email your material to publish@architectafrica.com : Note that we cannot acknowledge every item received due to numbers. If submitted  material does not meet the following specifications it will be rejected without reference or explanation to the originator.

  • The material must be relevant to Architecture, Construction, Urbanisation or the Built Environment in Africa.
  • The material must be of a very high standard.
  • Images must be a minimum of 2180x1226. (Minimum 1 image, Maximum: 10 images)
  • Video must be a minimum of 1080p and hosted in either YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Political and unlawful content will not be considered.
  • Minimalist RSS feeds will not be considered.

NOTE WELL : Architect Africa does not pay or charge for the publication of unsolicited material.

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