Angola : Architect defends mapping out of areas for social housing

Luanda - The chairman of the Angolan Architects Order, António Gameiro, Thursday in Luanda spoke out for demarcation of municipal areas for the construction of social houses, as a measure to avoid the upsurge of disorderly compounds.

Speaking at the seminar on "Present and future of construction materials in Angola", the architect said that the measure will contribute to the orderly development of residential areas and discourage unruly construction by individuals.

According to him, municipal administrations must map out areas for construction, supporting and guiding the edifications, in order to safeguard technical aspects related to sewage, power, drinking water and communication systems.

In his presentation on "Construction materials and architectonic construction in the light of the Angolan reality", António Gameiro considered as important the mapping out of areas as, he added, this will avoid unnecessary costs with relocations and indemnities resulting from construction in inappropriate locations.

To him, the State must be watchful about construction by individuals and help with mapping out areas for the purpose.

He said this will lead to the emergence of orderly residential zones and change of mentality of people about construction.

According to the specialist, future policies should focus on demarcation of authorised sites for public construction and works follow-up, instead of demolition of houses built anarchically.

He asserted that unruly construction by the population shows people's will to participate in the national reconstruction effort and appealed to the authorities to be considerate and allocate licensed sites for construction.

Sponsored by the Public Works Ministry, the one-day event is being attended by officials of the ministry, architects, economists, builders and construction materials manufacturers.