The Construction Road-Map in Straightening Knotty Issues in the Industry

By Uliah Mela

With conviction Ethiopia has thrown its full weight behind catalyzing its all -rounded shift from a sluggishness development and penury. And as such , pertaining to its current posture as many eyewitnesses attest, no more an eyesore, this ancient country that set on the road of renaissance is turning into the jewel of the continent.

In this multifarious and unexampled image-reversal move, the construction sector is one of the sectors basking under the government's focal attention. Laudatory achievements are accentuating the thrust towards a rosy future. The country is busy building dams, airports,railways, roads,ring roads and concrete jungles, among others.

In the Mega projects Ethiopia is using state-of-the -art technologies. Similar efforts are also being made in other branches of the construction industry.