How Can We Restore Hope to the World's Slum Dwellers?

By Robert Glasser | Unisdr

Hope comes in many forms to poor people who live on less than $2.50 per day

There is much grief and suffering in Nairobi's Kijiji slum following a fire which has underlined once more the inadequacy of infrastructure and basic services provided to almost one billion people who live in circumstances of unacceptable deprivation in slums around the world.

At the end of January, residents in the Langata area of the Kenyan capital were reduced to using sewage water to try and put out the flames as fire engines ran out of water and their deployment was delayed by poor road access.

To date, four people are known to have died in the inferno which raged for hours through the homes of the city's poor, some 6,000 of whom are now in emergency accommodation.