Mtwara Airport Upgrading Now Underway

Plans are underway to upgrade the Mtwara airport including expansion of the runway to allow larger airplanes to land, a move aimed at further opening economic opportunities in the gas-rich region, Works, Transport and Communications Minister Makame Mbarawa, has revealed.

The upgrading of the airfield will commence by July, this year, the Minister remarked during an inspection visit. The improvement will also cover extension of the parking lots and construction of 1.5 kilometre stretch of road leading to the airport.

"We expect to float a tender for the upgrading this month and we are positive of securing a competent contractor to undertake the work," Prof Mbarawa explained. According to the minister, the government will as well ensure that the airfield is fenced-off to boost security. Prof Mbarawa said on the other hand that plans are underway to procure four brand new modern surveillance radars to navigate planes taking off and landing at local airports.