NO SANITATION INFRASTRUCTURE?  No problem... with the AQUAmax® an own small wastewater treatment plant is simpler than you think ...!

The AQUAmax® treats inflowing wastewater in three cycles daily, each with a duration of eight hours. – Initially the wastewater reaches the preliminary settling stage, then follows the 4-phase cycle:

1. Charging phase : The water collected in the preliminary settling stage is fed into the treatment tank.
2. Treatment phase : The wastewater is treated during the six hour treatment phase. With this, agitation, aeration and pause periods alternate.
3. Settling phase : Activated sludge settles on the bottom during the settling phase.
4. Removal phase : In the removal phase the now cleaner water is pumped out of the plant.

View an AQUAmax(R) Case Study at a school in South Africa...