Sala Beckett / Flores & Prats

12 hours 43 minutes ago
© Adrià Goula © Adrià Goula
  • Architects: Flores & Prats
  • Location: Carrer de Pere IV, 228, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
  • Architect In Charge: Flores & Prats
  • Area: 2923.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Adrià Goula

Damian Holmes – WLA Editor will be attending the 2018 ASLA Meeting in Philadelphia

13 hours 25 minutes ago
Damian Holmes

Damian Holmes, the Editor of WLA will be attending the 2018 ASLA Meeting in Philadelphia from 19-22 October to meet with landscape architects, attend presentations and see the latest products on the EXPO floor.

If you wish to meet with Damian you can Direct Message on Social Media or email or if you see him in the hallways feel free to come and say Hi.

You can follow Damian and WLA on
Twitter – @landscapearch and @wlandscapearch
Instagram – @damianholmes and @worldlandscapearch

Also be sure to follow the hashtag #ASLA2018 on Twitter and Instagram.

See you in Phily

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Reddymade Wins the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition of 2019

13 hours 43 minutes ago
Courtesy of Reddymade Courtesy of Reddymade

Reddymade has been unveiled as the winner of the Valentine Heart Design Competition installation in Times Square, New York. The scheme is inspired by the “history of the iconic New York urban space and its presence in the eyes of the world as a byword for a thriving intersection of people, place, and culture.”

The winning team explored the tectonic possibilities of intersecting shapes, investigating what happens with two different planes intersect. The resulting sculpture created two converging planes merging together to create an iconic ‘X’ which, when intersected by a cylindrical volume, creates a heart-shaped space. 

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Guía para reconvertir embalajes de madera en muebles

13 hours 54 minutes ago

La empresa de escaleras Fontanot ha fallado el concurso Zero Waste Fontanot® Award que lanzó entre estudiantes de Escuelas de Arquitectura y Diseño en España y Latinoamérica para reutilizar sus embalajes de madera y convertirlos en muebles.

El proyecto ganador ha sido Mesa Funcional, realizado por Matías Schumacher. Se trata de una mesa ajustable ideada para espacios interiores y que también puede usarse como mesa de bricolaje.

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Punta Caliza Hotel Holbox / ESTUDIO MACIAS PEREDO

14 hours 43 minutes ago
© César Béjar © César Béjar
  • Location: Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico
  • Authors: Salvador Macías Corona, Magui Peredo Arenas
  • Coordinator : Leonardo Ruíz
  • Architecture Team: Claudia Muñoz, Denisse Sandoval, Carlos Mendiola, Mauricio Vázquez, Andrea Arregui, Ernesto Rizo
  • Area: 600.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: César Béjar

How Architectural Theory Distances People from Design

15 hours 43 minutes ago
© Ross Brady, via CommonEdge © Ross Brady, via CommonEdge

This article was originally published on Common Edge as "How Architectural 'Theory' Disconnects the Profession from the Public."

Whatever the form—personal, theoretical, scholarly—architects frequently veer into the philosophical terrain when defending otherwise subjective design decisions. Personally, this may be justifiable. But professionally, this reliance on quasi-philosophical spin is one of the fundamental ways architecture differs from other practical pillars of society, such as law, finance or medicine. Those disciplines are based on structures of knowledge (precedent or code, economics, and science, respectively) that mediate between professional decisions and subjective judgement.

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Buganvilla House / Ruben Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura

16 hours 43 minutes ago
© Adrian Mora Maroto © Adrian Mora Maroto

Challenge Studio's Award-Winning Design Envisions a New Residential Typology

17 hours 43 minutes ago
Courtesy of Challenge Studio Courtesy of Challenge Studio

In the age of skyscrapers, the immediate solution to housing is to build up and duplicate single units in the plan. In contrast, the Zafereniah Tower designed by Challenge Studio, project laureate of the recent 2018 Architizer A+ Award, proposed a conceptual endeavor as a prototype for mid-rise, multi-unit housing.

The Tehran-based firm won both the Jury and Popular Choice Awards for their response to the prompt for a design that "champion[s] its potential for a positive impact on everyday life."

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Shohei Shigematsu

18 hours 28 minutes ago
Shohei Shigematsu
Talking Practice + GSD Talking Practice In this episode, Talking Practice host Grace La interviews Shohei Shigematsu, partner at Office of Metropolitan Architects (OMA) and head of the New York office. Tracing his career from the suburbs of Japan to OMA’s Rotterdam headquarters in 1998, and his later transition to partner at the firm’s New … Continue reading Shohei Shigematsu

Public Bathrooms: Examples in Plan and Section

18 hours 43 minutes ago
© Fabián Dejtiar © Fabián Dejtiar

Who has not felt the anxiety of using a restroom outside the comfort of their home? Various architects have experimented with proposals that address these stressful situations, addressing the efficiency of public restrooms from their sanitary facilities, spatial distribution and, mainly, privacy and comfort.

These variations can be seen in the planimetry of numerous examples published on our site. We've selected a number of projects that can inspire your next design. 

Parque Urquiza Public Restroom / Diego Jobell

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Africa’s Tallest Skyscraper Set to Begin Construction in Morocco

19 hours 13 minutes ago
Bank of Africa Tower. Image Courtesy of Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos Bank of Africa Tower. Image Courtesy of Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos

Africa’s tallest skyscraper is set to begin construction in two weeks time. Designed by Spanish architects Rafael de la-Hoz Arquitectos and Moroccan firm CHB Cabinet Hakim Benjelloun, the 820-ft tall Bank of Africa Tower will take the title of tallest tower from the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg. Aiming for LEED Gold and HQE ratings, the tower will begin construction on November 1 and is expected be complete by May 30, 2022.

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Lodève Museum / Projectiles

19 hours 43 minutes ago
© Vincent Fillon © Vincent Fillon
  • Collaborators: Daniel Meszaros, partner-architect in charge, Clara Reviu, Johanna Bleicher, Colas Saint-Martin, Pierre-Alexandre Treust, Thomas Bouchet, Charlotte Billon, Juliette Turpin, Brice Launay
  • Patrimonial Architect: LAURENT DUFOIX
  • Landscape: EMMA BLANC Paysage
  • Structures: OCD Groupe
  • Coordination: OCD Groupe
  • Graphic Design: POLYGRAPHIK
  • Lighting Design: HERVE AUDIBERT
  • Sustainability: ALBERT & COMPAGNIE
  • Consultants: COMMENT Multimedia
  • Client: Communauté de Communes Lodévois et Larzac

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Spotlight: Alejandro Zaera-Polo

20 hours 13 minutes ago
Birmingham New Street Station. Image © Javier Callejas Birmingham New Street Station. Image © Javier Callejas

Alejandro Zaera-Polo (born October 17th 1963) is an internationally recognized architect and scholar, and founder of London, Zurich, and Princeton-based firm Alejandro Zaera-Polo & Maider Llaguno Architecture (AZPML). First rising to prominence in the 1980s with his writings for publications such as El Croquis, Zaera-Polo has had a prolific career in both the academic and professional realms of architecture.

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Poly He Clubhouse / ZHUBO DESIGN

21 hours 43 minutes ago
© Jian Zhang © Jian Zhang
  • Architects: ZHUBO DESIGN
  • Location: Yingtai East Road, Chenxiang Town, ChangtaiCounty, Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
  • Lead Architects: Weizhong Yang
  • Design Team: Xin Liang, Wenlei Li, Jixue Long, Huangjun Shi, Chenchong Zhao
  • Design Group: Chief Architect Studio
  • Area: 2317.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Jian Zhang

meck architekten

23 hours 38 minutes ago
meck architekten
Seliger Pater Rupert church complex . Poing meck architekten . photos: © Florian Holzherr . + db deutsche bauzeitung Das Kirchenzentrum Seliger Pater Rupert Mayer befindet sich in der nordöstlich von München gelegenen Gemeinde Poing im Ortsteil Bergfeld, der seit den 1980er Jahren durch die Kommune zum neuen Ortszentrum entwickelt wird, um dem stetigen Zuwachs … Continue reading meck architekten
28 minutes ago
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