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16.03.2017 Namibia Namibia: grown up after a generation into independence, but not yet mature 0.3 +50
06.03.2017 Africa African governments versus social media: Why the uneasy relationship? 0.0 +70
27.02.2017 Africa Africa has a long history of fake news after years of living with non-truth 0.1 +54
17.02.2017 South Africa How South Africa can turn the rising tide against vigilantism 0.0 +77
14.02.2017 Kenya The options for Kenya as an impending election fuels fear of hate speech 0.2 +108
24.01.2017 Kenya Kenya's emergency medical services needs major work 0.0 +154
05.01.2017 Ethiopia Ethiopia's political ripple a big test for infrastructure-led Chinese approach 0.1 +114
21.11.2016 South Africa #FeesMustFall: the poster child for new forms of struggle in South Africa? 0.1 +143
02.11.2016 Africa Science needs to start speaking to people's everyday lives in Africa 0.2 +186
02.11.2016 South Africa South Africans learn that the law can be a double-edged sword 0.0 +182
02.11.2016 South Africa Wake-up call for South Africans as Zuma sleeps through budget speech 0.0 +145
24.10.2016 Malawi Power battles keep Malawians guessing why their president disappeared 0.0 +189
20.10.2016 South Africa What student protests reveal about South Africa's young future leaders 0.1 +163
29.09.2016 South Africa The Mandela Foundation's verdict on the Mandela era: it failed ... 0.1 +219
11.09.2016 South Africa Business needs to change, and stop blaming others for South Africa's ills 0.0 +210