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Slatted wood encloses glass Engawa House in Chile

7 hours 17 minutes ago

An external walkway and glazed living space are hidden behind sliding slatted woodwork in this house in Chile, designed by architects Santiago Valdivieso and Stefano Rolla. Rolla and Valdivieso completed the house on Punta Pite, an arm on the Central Chilean coast stretched toward the Pacific Ocean. The architects describe the house as sitting on

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Eleanor Gibson

Pascal Flammer

7 hours 32 minutes ago
Pascal Flammer
An Interview with | Beijing Urban and Architecture Biennale 2020 + The Beijing Urban Architecture Biennale Some interviews from the series of The Beijing Urban Architecture Biennale (BUAB) 2020’s pilot exhibition. _

UN 75th anniversary celebrated in Ethiopia

7 hours 38 minutes ago

Addis Ababa, 23 October 2020, (ECA) - The United Nations family in Ethiopia was joined on Friday by members of the diplomatic community, government officials, private sector, and the youth, to commemorate UN Day 2020, marking the 75th anniversary of the organization.

This year’s event was void of its usual pomp and fanfare due to COVID19 but was marked by a flag-raising ceremony and a powerful message from the Secretary-General who emphasized the need for unity and collective action as the world faces “one common enemy: COVID19.” 

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Leonardo Marchesi

8 hours 42 minutes ago
Leonardo Marchesi
HOUSE IN THE FORT Leonardo Marchesi Located in the south coast of the Parque Natural da Arrábida-Sesimbra, the Fort of São Domingo da Baralha is the first defensive construction that has been built, possibly around 1665, with the purpose of defending the Setubal port and its coast. The building was once home to three army … Continue reading Leonardo Marchesi

Grandgirard . Schrämli . Baur

9 hours 24 minutes ago
Grandgirard . Schrämli . Baur
SPI Transformation . Spiez Stephane Grandgirard . Andy Schrämli . Raffael Baur . photos: © Joël Tettamanti Something like a boat, bursting out of the clouds, somewhere in the in-between. Mirror of the sun in all the facade highlights. Spinnaker facing the horizon. Wind blowing through the walls, painting the landscape all around. At first … Continue reading Grandgirard . Schrämli . Baur

Bamboo and rammed-earth therapy centre in Bangladesh wins 2020 Obel Award

12 hours 31 minutes ago
Anandaloy by Anna Heringer

Dezeen promotion: a community centre in Bangladesh designed by German architect Anna Heringer has won the second edition of the prestigious Obel Award. Named Anandaloy, which means place of deep joy in the local dialect, the building contains a therapy centre for people with disabilities on the ground floor with a women-led textile workshop above it. The

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Dezeen staff

NESS.docs 2

13 hours 17 minutes ago
NESS.docs 2: Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas
Florencia Rodriguez, Mercedes Peralta, Jeannette Sordi (Editors)
Lots of Architecture –publishers, July 2020

Paperback | 8-1/2 x 11 inches | 208 pages | English | ISBN: 978-1732010635 | $23.00


The second issue of our monographic series reflects on the project of Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas, led by Charles Waldheim and the Office for Urbanization at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Curated together with Mercedes Peralta and Jeannette Sordi, NESS.docs 2 explores the potentials for landscape as a medium for urban intervention in the specific contexts of Latin-American cities.

More than twenty Latin American practices are shown and grouped in five different themes: Biological Environments, Resilient Grounds, Performative Systems, Revealed Protocols, and Assembled Natures. Finally, a conversation between Charles Waldheim, Florencia Rodriguez, and Luis Callejas deepens the discussion of our academic curricula, drawing as representation, political spaces, and the general sensitivity around landscape.


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What is NESS.docs? According to Pablo Gerson and Florencia Rodriguez, editors of the young NESS magazine, it is a monographic series that "would not only feature individual practices but would also address topics that [they] thought deserved visibility, discussion, and reflection." The first NESS.docs, devoted to Hashim Sarkis, came in 2017. Sarkis, who splits his time between Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Beirut, was named curator of the Venice Architecture Biennale one year after the monograph was released. (With the pandemic, that Biennale has been delayed until a May 2021 opening.) The second publication in the series departs from the focus on a single architectural practice, as their words attest, but it tays firmly in Cambridge, featuring content culled from Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas, a multi-year collaboration between the Office for Urbanization at Harvard GSD and various Latin American institutions. 

Between March 2016 and May 2018, five conferences were held under the Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas banner in Medellín, Santiago, Brasilia, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. A sixth, scheduled for March 2020 at Harvard GSD, would have brought the initiative to a conclusion, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the project's voluminous digital archive of more than sixty projects of landscape urbanism in Latin America provided plenty of content for a publication. In its final form, NESS.docs 2 features 25 of those projects in five thematic chapters (Biological Environments, Resilient Grounds, Performative Systems, Revealed Protocols, and Assembled Natures), with each chapter accompanied by a short essay addressing the topic. 

The book may be based on academic conferences that are focused on landscape urbanism — the sometimes contentious theory that challenges New Urbanism and elevates landscape and ecology over buildings — but the book should appeal to a wide range of architects and landscape architects due to the selection of the two-dozen projects and their presentation taking up most of its pages. Like the conferences, the projects range over much of Latin America. Much-published projects like Plan:B's and JPRCR's Orquideorama in Colombia are found alongside lesser known projects like Metro's Ladeira da Barroquinha in Brazil. Not all of the projects are built, but on the whole they show a strong embrace of landscape urbanism principles in Latin American contexts. As expressed by Charles Waldheim in his introduction, this embrace has occurred, in part, from Latin American architects carrying the theory with them after being subjected to it at the GSD. Whatever the case, the projects in NESS.docs 2 are an strong argument for landscape urbanism's continued relevance.


John Hill

Studio Curiosity covers bridge in ribbon rainbow to show support for NHS

14 hours 16 minutes ago
RAW Rainbow design installation by Studio Curiosity in London, UK

Design platform Studio Curiosity worked with local residents in east London to wrap a bridge in a rainbow of ribbons as a "message of hope" during the coronavirus pandemic. Called RAW Rainbow, the art installation covers a footbridge in the Royal Albert Wharf (RAW) in the borough of Newham. The project is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards

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India Block

Virtual fashion will allow people to "go completely crazy" online says Amber Jae Slooten of The Fabricant

14 hours 32 minutes ago

Interest in virtual fashion has exploded during the coronavirus pandemic as people explore ways of dressing their online avatars, according to digital fashion designer Amber Jae Slooten. "We got huge interest," said Slooten, co-founder of The Fabricant, a virtual fashion house based in Amsterdam. "I've never dressed so many people in my life". Slooten said

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Marcus Fairs

Bybeau's XYZ lighting collection was informed by coordinates

15 hours 12 minutes ago
XYZ collection by Bybeau

Design studio Bybeau's minimalist XYZ lighting collection draws on Cartesian coordinates and features magnetic engineering that means its arms can be rotated 360 degrees. The modular collection, which won the public vote for lighting design of the year in Dezeen Awards 2020, is designed to be simple and universal rather than conceptual. The team was informed

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Cajsa Carlson

Esperinos is a design-focused guesthouse in Athens

16 hours 16 minutes ago
Living room inside Esperinos guesthouse in Athens

Greek designer Stamos Michael mixed his own creations with local artworks and modern furniture classics to form the striking interior of Esperinos, a guesthouse in Athens. Esperinos is situated in the Greek capital's Filopappos Hill area, taking over a single-storey residence that dates back to the 1930s. The house used to have a traditionally domestic

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Natasha Levy

Mountain House

17 hours 5 minutes ago
Mountain House
HOUSE in HIMONYA . Tokyo Mountain House Architects | Akira Yamage . photos: © Kaoru Yamada A two-story wooden house for a couple and two children in a quiet residential area. The site is a non-rebuildable land with a road contact of 2 m or less and is subject to Article 43 of the Building … Continue reading Mountain House


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