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14.01.18 Zimbabwe urgently needs a new land administration system Rural Development
07.01.18 Settling the land compensation issue is vital for Zimbabwe's economy Economy, Land Tenure
29.12.17 The three barriers blocking Zimbabwe's progress: Zanu-PF, Mnangagwa and the military Development
17.12.17 Proplastics Begins Construction of New Factory Industrial Construction
17.12.17 Zimbabwean army’s crackdown on touts leaves many desperate Informal Trading
09.12.17 Residents livid as council approves construction on Harare Wetland Building Approvals, Environment
09.12.17 Multi-million-dollar mansion of Bona Mugabe, stalls in wake of dad's fall from power Residential
07.12.17 Why the focus on China’s role in Mugabe’s fall missed the bigger picture Foreign Activity / Investment
04.12.17 Residents Blame Corruption, Abuse of Power for Harare Wetlands Destruction Environment
03.12.17 A clean break with Mugabe's past will have to wait - even beyond elections Corruption, Crime
29.11.17 Mnangagwa has the capacity to focus on the new Zimbabwe. But will he? Development, Political Theatre
29.11.17 Why signs for transitional justice in Zimbabwe don't look promising Development, Political Theatre
29.11.17 Old-world diction, flawed punditry and the fight for Zimbabwe's future Development, Political Theatre
26.11.17 After Mugabe: why the role of Zimbabwe's army can't be trusted Political Theatre, Security
24.11.17 SADC Alliance calls for speedy elections in Zimbabwe Political Theatre
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