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Date News Item Topic Active
07.08.15 Forgotten Genocide: Namibia’s quest for reparations Foreign Activity, Political Issues, Rehabilitation -
04.08.15 Land Clearing Starts in Windhoek Land Tenure, Urban Development -
01.08.15 Rent control could lead to urban decay Housing -
31.07.15 Land rush: municipalities beg for funds Land Tenure -
30.07.15 NHE’s mass housing mandate revoked Housing -
30.07.15 City Farms Cheaper Than Houses Housing, Informal Settlements, Urban Agriculture -
28.07.15 Land degradation a threat to development in Namibia Environment -
27.07.15 Cabinet expects mass housing report this week Housing -
24.07.15 Namibian Research Firm Worried About Housing Crisis Housing -
22.07.15 Okahao hospital gets new contractor Hospitals -
22.07.15 Audit confirms NamPower blew millions Corruption, Electricity -
17.07.15 Project 38 could be the solution to the housing problem Alternative Technologies, Housing -
17.07.15 N$88-million storage terminal for Oshikango Industrial Construction -
16.07.15 NTB’s new multi-million building completed Construction -
14.07.15 Namibian President in Ethiopia to Learn About Housing Housing -
14.07.15 Mass housing will resume soon - Shaningwa Housing -
09.07.15 Namibian Cabinet Wants to Regulate Rent Prices Housing -
08.07.15 Windhoek Handed Long Wish List Activism, Urban Crisis, Urban Development, Urbanisation -
02.07.15 Namibian City Announces New Tariff Hikes Utility Tariffs -
01.07.15 Windhoek Building Plans Reach N$365 Million in May Building Approvals -