The oldest known Architects on Earth came from Mpumalanga...

Famous for its mixture of grassland and wetland environment, Mpumalanga titllated the artistic sides of John Heine and Michael Tellinger. Despite Mpumalanga's beauty, this place is not exempted to the consequeces of climate change-a problem that would effect Mpumalanga tourism in a great way. This predicament spurred the need for climate change jobs across Mpumalanga and nearby provinces.

A new book by Johan Heine and Michael Tellinger, "Adam's Calendar" highlights the theories that New School historian authors such as Cyril Hromnik and Rob Milne have put forth over the last twenty years: thousands of years before the Bantu races arrived from Central Africa and the Portuguese Explorers graced the shores of Africa a highly sophisticated and architecturally articulate civilization lived in what is today South Africa's Mpumalanga Province.

Adam's Calendar is a beautifully produced publication with excellent photographs and very relevant and interesting theories, concepts and findings. The thought that the "oldest man-made structure on Earth" is just three hours away from Joburg should bring some relief to the new generation of architects, who traditionally would have had to travel to Egypt and Mesopotamia to see the origins of our craft.

This is a book which belongs on the bookshelf of every architect in Africa - and the world. You can get it at an Exclusive Books near you or order from Kalahari by clicking the book cover below.

Adam's Calendar by Johan Heine and Michael Tellinger

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Discovering the Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth.
In the Cradle of Humankind

Older than the Giza Pyramids
Older than Stonehenge

75,000 years ago… early humans built a stone calendar that predates all other man-made structures found to date. Who were they? Why did they need a calendar?

Title: Adam's Calendar
Genre: Human History/Natural Sciences/Archaeology
Price: R250.00
Release: July 2008
Pages: 128 - Hard Cover Full Colour
Author: Johan Heine & Michael Tellinger
Publisher: Zulu Planet Publishers
Distributor: PSD Johannesburg - 011- 392- 6065
ISBN: ISBN: 1-920153-07-1 ISBN13: 978-1-920153-07-6
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This remarkable stone structure was originally a large circular structure resembling but predating Stonehenge by many thousands of years. Adam's Calendar is built along the same longitudinal line as Great Zimbabwe and the Great Pyramid. It is also aligned with the rise of Orion's belt when it rose horizontally on the horizon some 75,000 years ago. Adam's Calendar takes us further back in time closer to the emergence of Homo sapiens, than any other structure ever found to date, and it will force historians and archaeologist to reconsider ancient human activity and consciousness.

An Extract From "Adam's Calendar"

Southern Africa holds some of the deepest mysteries in all of human history. Although much has been written about the first humans who appeared in this part of the world, we have found very little evidence of their activity or what they did and what kind of lives they led from around 250,000 years ago to 75,000 years ago.

Who were these first humans?
What did they do?
How did they live?
And where did they disappear to?

The first signs of human intelligence and consciousness only appeared around 75 000 years ago, when the Khoisan people of southern Africa started leaving behind an array of spectacular cave paintings all over this part of the continent. Finely crafted beads and bracelet fragments found in a cave at Blombos in the Western Cape, South Africa, show that these early humans had already developed a feel for the arts and crafts.

The legends become even more vivid when we learn about the great empire of Monomotapa whose kings were powerful and wealthy in gold. When we move to around 1000 BC we encounter the mysterious Queen Sheba who ruled a kingdom in the lost land of Ophir, teeming with endless supplies of gold; and the wise and wealthy king Solomon who seduced Queen Sheba and obtained all his gold from her.

Is it possible that there really was such a place?
Was it really filled with limitless wealth in gold?
Was it here where the wealthiest kings on Earth got their gold?

This is after all the place where most of the gold in the world has been mined in modern history, and it was no different in ancient times. Is it a coincidence that the richest gold mine in the world today, Sheba Gold Mine, is located right here in Mpumalanga, South Africa? Adam's Calendar firmly places the many ancient ruins of southern Africa at a point in history that we modern humans have never faced before some 75,000 ago.

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