South Africa : Debate on "Informal Architecture"

The Goethe-Institut in partnership with 26' 10 south Architects presents:

debate: informal architecture


23 April 2009

The Goethe-Institut
119 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg.

RSVP: Amelia Seabela (details on image above)

The informal city fills the gaps left by what the formal city does not and cannot provide. In this context people house themselves, creating their own opportunities for trade, entertainment and education through informal economic and social networks. The resultant environments, whilst flawed on many levels, display complex and rich spatial arrangements intimately suited to their inhabitant's needs and often surpass what the state, aided by "professionals", have managed to deliver.

This debate will examine 26'10 south Architects' research findings on the informal fabric of a typical street in Diepsloot.